Wimple Winch
Guy Lochhead, 12/04/12
Mancunian ’60s garage-psych band. [From a YouTube description] “Formerly known as The Four Just Men, then The Just Four Men, a change of style brought a further name change Wimple Winch – reputedly old English for a “ditch”. Their new manager Mike Carr owned a coffee bar, which he turned into a club, ‘The Sinking Ship’, near Mersey Square South in Stockport and Wimple Winch became the house band. They secured a record contract with Fontana and proceeded to record a number of singles. Sadly, the singles did not do so well nationally, despite heavy local support. A disastrous fire at the club in Stockport lost them all their gear. This, combined with their record contract not being taken up, meant the end of the band in mid 1967.” One of the more interesting UK psych bands, with some great big reverby drums, and Save My Soul is a banger, but they’re still not worth including.. The records fetch a mint now…

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