Guy Lochhead, 21/02/12
1980 stuffed toy series intended as tough teddy bears for boys, the original line-up included five bears with names like ‘Grizzler’ and ‘Fang’ who turned into scary monsters when threatened. Each bear came with a cassette tape explaining his backstory, read by Oliver Postgate. The series was created by children’s author George Nichols, who has since opened a mural company in Merseyside. There were spin-off comic books and “Terror Teds”. In 2009 he tried to relaunch the WereBears with a new CGI image. I don’t understand much about this. WereBears change from bears to… more deadly bears? Gums transforms “when he is claustrophobic – which is handy, as he is stolen and then used in a kidnapping before being stuffed into the criminal’s jacket. Disturbingly, he begins sucking on the criminal’s chest, before then exclaiming, “Gums likes thumbs!” and attacking the second baddie!”. Wtf. God knows how he got Postgate in on this…

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