Guy Lochhead, 02/09/10
Disney/Pixar CGI story about love between two robots on (and off) a dystopian post-consumer-apocalypse Earth. Although this film has been slated as not being hard-hitting enough, and much has been made of the gall of Disney putting out both this and other ‘green’ films like ‘Madagascar’, given their history, I want to include it. It is a beautiful, moving, bold film (at least in terms of cinematic convention) that is more subversive than some critics have acknowledged. It’s easy to forget just how huge this film was – it’s a genuine mainstream blockbuster about how fat and stupid fat, stupid humans are that doesn’t have any dialogue for the first thirty minutes, and for that it should be commended. I will include it, but I’ll make sure to get the DVD second-hand (though I know that makes very little/no difference).

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