W.C. Sellar & R.J. Yeatman
Guy Lochhead, 02/09/10
Writing duo best known for ‘1066 And All That’. This was first serialised in ‘Punch’, before being published in 1930. It contains ‘all the history you can remember’ of England, from the Romans to 1066. The success of the book led the duo to write an unsuccessful sequel (‘And Now All This’), and books not written entirely together (‘Horse Nonsense’, mainly by Yeatman because Sellar disliked horses – and ‘Garden Rubbish’, mainly by Sellar because Yeatman hated gardening). I will include ‘1066 And All That’, because it educates as it entertains. Sellar was pretty great too – a Scottish schoolteacher who was popular for using his own rations to buy extra food for his pupils. It is Sellar who’s responsibly for most of the wordplay that gives the book part of its charm. Yeatman is less incredible – though he did win the Miltary Cross (!) – he studied at Oxford and then became head of advertising for Kodak.

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