Virginia Lee Burton
Guy Lochhead, 08/09/10
American artist and children’s book author and illustrator. Burton was born into a well-off family – her mother was a poet and her father was the Dean of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Burton was drawn to art from an early age. Her writing was guided by whether her children enjoyed it or not. Alongside writing, she taught a design course, from which grew the Folly Cave designers. I’m really in two minds as to whether to include Burton or not. Her books are beautiful and full of of wonder, empowerment and the passing of time, but so often they seem limited and constrained by their middle class origins. I want to know if her life was filled with more than just great books and good art, so I’m going to watch ‘Virginia Lee Burton: A Sense Of Place’ and then re-think my current decision not to include her. ‘Mike Mulligan’s Steam Shovel’ seems like a great way to introduce the romance of engineering to children, ‘Life Story’ seems brilliantly, fantastically accurate and ambitious, and ‘

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