TV On The Radio
Guy Lochhead, 06/12/10
American alternative rock five-piece formed in Brooklyn, New York in 2001. They’ve released four albums, beginning with the lo-fi, experimental, self-released ‘OK Calculator’ in 2002. Their 2003 EP ‘Young Liars’ and 2004 album ‘Desperate Youth, Bloody Thirsty Babes’ saw a big change in the band’s sound as they recorded in a studio for the first time and introduced fuzz, horns and big production elements to make the sort of epic, soulful rock-pop they’re known for now. They’ve won numerous awards and regularly top end-of-year ‘best album’ polls. Most of the band members have side projects, and David Sitek is also well-regarded as a producer. TV On The Radio are a great band but they’re just that really – a band. I don’t know how significant they’ll seem in thirty years or whatever. I really enjoy listening to them – particularly the first half of ‘Desperate Youth…’ and songs like ‘Wolf Like Me’ and ‘I Was A Lover’ – but they’re not really that important…

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