Guy Lochhead, 17/02/12
Iconic American post-rock group formed in Chicago in 1990 around the rhythm section of Doug McCombs and John Hendon. They offered something different in the ’90s alternative rock scene, playing down the usual punk and rock ‘n’ roll influences and instead assimilating 20th century jazz, dub, minimalism, “world” and electronic elements into a new, disciplined whole. More recently, production has slowed as members focus more on their many side-projects. With such heavy influences, one might expect Tortoise’s music to be heavy-going, but it is accessible and enjoyable without an understanding of the processes that lead to it. Despite the band’s significance in the Chicago underground and the wider post-rock scene, I’m not sure that they are important enough to include here. Still, I think they’re top and will continue to enjoy them…

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