Tina Fey
Guy Lochhead, 01/09/10
Multi-award winning American writer, actor and comedian. Fey began working in improvised comedy with The Second City. She was picked up by Saturday Night Live, where she became head writer (the first woman to hold the position) in 1999, and a cast member in 2000. She left SNL in 2006 and created TV sitcom ’30 Rock’ about her experiences. In 2004, she wrote her first feature film, ‘Mean Girls’, about female American high school cliques. She is probably best known (visually at least) for her 2009 portrayal of Sarah Palin. She supports numerous disability and aid charities. Tina Fey makes accessible, funny, intelligent, popular television and films whilst simultaneously avoiding the pitfalls of mainstream media success. She uses her fame to support, and raise awareness of, charitable causes. She’s pretty incredible. Include ‘Mean Girls’.

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