Timur Kacharava
Guy Lochhead, 01/09/10
Kacharava was a Russian anti-fascist activist, philosophy student, and guitarist in the bands Sandinista! and Distress. On November 13th 2005, walking back from a Food Not Bombs action outside Vladimirskaya metro station, him and a friend were set upon by 8-10 neo-Nazis screaming ‘anti-Antifa’, in an organised attack. The stabbing was swift and brutal, and he died at the scene. His death is viewed by many as signalling a change to more violent tactics within certain anti-fascist youth factions. The reason I want to include Kacharava is for the commemorative re- naming of an Italian street from are honouring a fascist (Paola di Nella) to remembering a victim of fascism. I want to include this new street name (Timur Kacharava Street) in the programmes in some way.

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