The Deviants
Guy Lochhead, 20/02/12
English garage rock band who spanned the periods between the ’60s psych sound and ’70s heavy metal, with a twist of their own very English madnesses. They released albums in 1967, ’68 and ’69 before taking a break until ’84. The main member, Mick Farren, has revived the band at various points to continue his personal garage-psych adventures. As much as I enjoy this band’s first album (especially the AMAZING ‘I’m Coming Home’ – everyone should hear that!), they’re a bit nuts to include I think. Also not all the songs are that great… I’m going to seriously consider including Farren’s later psych-opera ‘Mona (The Carnivorous Carnival)’ though, but want to listen to it properly first and then will write about it separately.

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