Stewart Brodian
Guy Lochhead, 17/02/12
Pennsylvanian songwriter, radio DJ, small-time actor and celebrity impersonator who started writing songs on acoustic guitar whilst at college in the early ’80s. He is a bit of an odd-jobs guy, interviewing bands, DJing on local radio stations, recording songs, appearing in low-budget films and adverts, and impersonating Howard Stern, Abe Lincoln and The Joker, but he came to my attention through a WFMU blog post about his 1983 LP ‘Self Made Man’. He scares me. The lack or disregard of self-awareness (or is it TOTAL SELF-AWARENESS, and he’s just messing about?!) is amazing and, for me, seems at odds with his pro-active approach to putting himself out there in as many forms as possible. His website is a time capsule. He enthusiastically presents reproductions of Picasso paintings done in felt-tip pen. He uploads videos of him interviewing a band comprising of a three year-old boy, a seven year-old boy and their dad in a noisy cafe. He exhibits part of his collection of meteorites. In the olden days, his talent would have been constrained to local village art fairs and scout hut exhibitions, but the internet has opened it up to the world… Thank you internet? (I feel bad that this is negative because he seems like a nice guy, and I feel scared because he seems like the sort of guy who’ll Google his own name.)

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