Sony DCR-VX1000
Guy Lochhead, 10/09/10
This digital video camera is pretty much synonymous with skateboard filmmaking. It began production in 1995 and was replaced in 2000 by the VX2000, which was in turn replaced in 2004 by the VX2100. It was the first camcorder in which both the MiniDV format and 3CCD colour processing technology were used. Its reputation in the skateboard world comes from its ‘raw’-looking footage, the way it handles skateboard noise, the built-in handle and the mounting system that allows for wider-angled lenses (fish eyes/death lenses), its hardiness and its relative affordability. I will include one of these in some way. I will probably try to film on it a little bit, in fact. I think all the stuff about Sony being a big, wasteful corporation is tricky to deal with, given the ethical grounding of a lot of these exclusions, but I know that I’d be buying it second-hand because the model is discontinued, and I suppose that makes a difference. I just feel like I want to acknowledge the role it’s had in shaping skateboard filmmaking through all the changes and developments its gone through since ’95. Trooper.

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