Six Newell
Guy Lochhead, 08/09/10
6 Newell was the address of a skate house (flat?) where Nate Jones, Elissa Steamer, Frank Gerwer, Dave Duncan, Matt Milligan and John B. (professional skateboarders) all lived in San Francisco. The video was made in the time between the skaters’ sponsor commitments, and is a window into the notorioulsy gnarly SF skate scene. Although this video has a great sense of fun and is made outside of modern skateboarding’s sold-out seriousness, it’s just a nice fun video with lots of lines and the best Elissa Steamer part I’ve seen. The house is a black hole and nothing really gets done. It’s just some wasters living in a dump and skateboarding really well. It’s got a great sense of community too, but isn’t worth including.

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