Guy Lochhead, 30/08/10
Scorzayzee is Dean Palinczuk, a Nottingham-based English rapper. His rapping is politicised and articulate, and he is probably best known for his 2003, fiercely anti-government track ‘Great Britain’. Shortly after the track’s release, Palinczuk decided to stop rapping, and converted to Islam. In 2009 however, Scorzayzee appeared in the Shane Meadows film ‘Le Donk And Scorzayzee’, and released a few new tracks on his MySpace. Palinczuk is a very talented lyricist and rapper, but his religious beliefs get in the way of some decent ‘state of the nation’ stuff. It’s hard to take him seriously when he’s rapping about angels. His earlier lyrics didn’t have such a presence of this, but I think he got too heavily into weed and found some ‘salvation’ in Islam and stuck with it.

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