Roger Tory Peterson
Guy Lochhead, 30/08/10
American teacher, naturalist, conservationist, artist and creator of the revolutionary ‘first modern field guide’, ‘A Field Guide To The Birds’. He received every major American award for natural science, ornithology and conservation, and many other medals, diplomas etc. from all around the world. He believed that people were less likely to harm an environment they understood, and so devoted his life to spreading awareness of nature. The ‘Peterson Field Guide Series’ consists of 52 handbooks all using his easy-to-understand identification system, which relies on simple visual characteristics rather than complicated phylogenetics. He made nature cool. I’ll include the expanded 1947 edition of the book that started it all, ‘A Field Guide To The Birds’. I’ll also read the 2008 biography by Elizabeth Rosenthal, ‘Birdwatcher’, and see if that’s worth including.

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