Rita Mae Brown
Guy Lochhead, 18/02/12
American activist and author best-known for ‘Rubyfruit Jungle’, one of the first books to present lesbian themes in an explicit way. She was active in the American Civil Rights Movement, the anti-war movement, the Gay Liberation movement and the feminist movement. She enjoys fox hunting and polo. I’m so confused by this person. Fox hunting seems like a massive blindspot in her politics, and it scares me. She also apparently came up with the idea that heterosexuality was the route of all oppression (I’m sure I’ve simplified this, but feel that that idea is simplistic in itself..). The book is cool but there are other books that have done similar things before and after better, and explicitness isn’t necessarily the route to acceptance or the most interesting way to present something. Also, “since 1990 Brown has “coauthored” with her cat, Sneaky Pie Brown, a cozy mystery series featuring the feline character Mrs. Murphy”. Wtf. How does that sit with the fox hunting!?

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