Revenant Records
Guy Lochhead, 13/03/13
“American Primitive” guitarist John Fahey’s record label, formed in Austin, Texas, in 1996. It is primarily a reissure label, putting out overlooked North American records with a particular “raw” yet “transcendent” quality – hence the name, conjuring returning ghosts. The story and presentation of each release seems almost as important as the music itself. I cannot express my love for this record and approach to putting out cultural objects. With write-ups for many record labels, I conclude by saying I’ll research the artists individually, but here that is not the case. The curatorial involvement of the label is explicit and integral to the value of what they release. They are aural archaeologists, and everything they reveal tells us something about our current civilisation, culture and musics. They have profound, impeccable taste. This is music from the very core of the people producing it, and it affects me similarly deeply. I will include both American Primitive compilations and would like to acknowledge the label as a thing in itself with some of their artwork.

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