René Lévesque
Guy Lochhead, 29/08/10
23rd Premier of Quebec, and a significant figure in the Quebec sovereignty movement. Lévesque began his career as a war correspondent and TV news analysis presenter. He entered politics in 1960, and was elected Premier of Quebec in 1976. His party (Parti Québécois) was the first to attempt nationalisation of hydroelectricity, and prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and he was the first Quebec political leader since confederation to attempt, through a referendum, to negotiate political independence for Quebec. He was never seen without a cigarette, and was known as ‘Ti-Poil’ (‘Lil’ Hair’), for his signature comb-over. Lévesque was an incredible, emotionally-involved figure in Canadian politics, but I don’t want to include him, on the basis of his ‘five-packs-a-day’ habit, and the fact that I just didn’t feel that sort of ‘spark’ or whatever..

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