Raoul Vaneigem
Guy Lochhead, 10/09/10
Belgian philosopher and Situationist. With Guy Debord, Vaneigem led the theories of the Situationist International. His writing juxtaposed Debord’s political style with a more poetic, romantic form. I don’t agree with the Situationist approach and often find Debord to be too arty, so I’d probably puke on Vaneigem.

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  1. Frank Fenderbender says:

    It’s a cheated mind that decides about use-value ahead-of-time, dismissing another’s experiences.
    Better to devour that treasure as its gift intends.
    It’s also the victory of stasis in more ways than the one.
    It is self-maintained colonialization….

    Vaneigem writes barbed poetry, and frees kidnapped history from its rationing by masters who seek to parasitize at best.

    Give yourself a chance.
    If you read French, I have 12 of Vaneigem’s texts online at .

    best wishes,

    • The share-censoring system killed my web page listing so let’s fool its mission.
      Add a “dot” and “org” after “smirkers-o-the-world” and put the basic web prefix on the URL.

      What’s the point of sharing while censoring except in falsifying the very process?!


      • guylochhead says:

        Hi Frank, thanks for your comment. I’m not sure what happened with the censoring thing. I’ll have a look and try and fix it – as you say, it’s pretty hypocritical as it is, though I assure you that comes from keeping default comment settings rather than any active decision.

        I also accept your point about deciding the value of things before fully experiencing them, but it’d be waaaay long for me to give every subject I want to write about here that sort of time. I have a constantly expanding list of over 10,000 names I’ve been writing over a number of years to try to navigate. From that list, I want to find role models to eventually incorporate into various cultural forms for young people. I tend to look for certain qualities towards that singular outcome. It’s lazy but necessary.

        I’ve actually moved the content of this blog over to a WordPress.org account, which allowed me to add more advanced search features and other bits and bobs that make navigating the whole thing a little easier. I’ve copied your (and this) comment over there: http://mtl.eye-ball.info/, and hopefully changed the comment settings to allow URLs…


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