Powell and Pressburger
Guy Lochhead, 01/09/10
Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger were a film writing/direction/production duo who first worked together in 1942, under the name ‘The Archers’. They created the ‘The Archers’ Manifesto’, which had five main points: they had no allegiance to anyone but their investors, that all film shot is their responsibility only, to be a year ahead of the times, that there was no escapism and that the self-respect of all involved would be kept. After filming, Powell would usually go for a long walk in the Scottish Highlands. I like their ambition and independence, and their ability to consistently realise both into their films. I also like their friendship and uncompromising work ethic. Include ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ – an anomalous war film including an iconic elevator between life and death. This will be in the first film (both characters are shot into the sea). Their films were British and very much not British; their war films are war films at the same time as being very much not war films at all. Pacifistic (?) patriotism is pretty cool. I need to watch more of them and decide if there’s a better match to the programmes that extends beyond just character similarities.

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