Poison Girls
Guy Lochhead, 26/11/11
English punk group led by Vi Subversa, whose lyrics are always political and told from her perspective as a 44 year-old (when their first single was released) single mother. To me, all punk should be “anarcho-punk”, and all punk and rebel music should be as single-minded and uncompromising as this. Music can make radical politics accessible. That’s an exciting tool, if you think any sort of societal change would be nice… Subversa is a left-anarchist and her music is undeniably political. Some people think that showing such stuff to kids is dangerous or controversial, but I believe that everything is political and not presenting an intelligent alternative to the normalised right-wing capitalist stuff kids will inevitably be exposed to from birth is way more dangerous and scary. I will include their Discography. You can download their whole back catalogue here: http://www.poisongirls.co.uk/downloads.html, btw.

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