Guy Lochhead, 07/09/10
American Animation studio founded in 1979 as The Graphics Group, a part of the Computer Division of Lucasfilm before it was bought by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 1986, and then Disney in 2006. All of Pixar’s films have been big box office successes. I love some of the Pixar films, but I don’t like their gender bias and subtler, normalised continuation of what Disney’s been doing terribly forever. The individual films sometimes go some way to breaking this (seemingly accidentally, given stuff like ‘Cars’) – The Incredibles, WALL-E – so I will write about them separately, but I don’t want to include Pixar as a company. It is admirable that they managed to include a clause that allows them to keep their name and most of their creative control in the deal with Disney, but I still feel that something is lost as soon as the stakes get higher, and this is reflected in the deleted scenes/production decisions in the bonus features, or slips-of-tongue in publicity rounds.

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