Peggy Oki
Guy Lochhead, 11/09/10
American skateboarder, surfer, rock climber, artist and activist. Oki was the only female member of the Z-Boys (group of early skateboarders credited with setting the template for modern skateboarding and skate culture). She studied environmental biology and has devoted her life to environmental and conservational activism, especially the welfare of cetaceans (dolphins and whales). She also paints. As the only female member of the Z-Boys, Oki is significant in providing a strong, female role model for aspiring female skateboarders. That she then went into activism further cements her place in the programmes. She’s fantastic! I’ll include the iconic picture of her skateboarding as a poster on a girl’s wall, and hopefully include some of her paintings too. Maybe also an origami whale (she founded the Origami Whale Project to spread conservational awareness in children).

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