Guy Lochhead, 07/09/10
1993 graphic adventure game in which the player is the ‘Stranger’, a mysterious man who uses a special book to travel to the island of Myst. There, the player uses other special books to travel to other worlds, or ‘Ages’, and finding out more about other characters. The game has several endings, depending on the course of action the player takes. It was a surprise success, and was the best-selling PC game of all time until The Sims in 2002. I’m not very interested in including this. It immerses the player in a world. I don’t think that is necessarily a commendation. I like that a certain amount of imagination is required to play the game (to ignore the click and load process of navigation), but don’t really care. The programming innovation required to make the game run well on the original systems is impressive, but ultimately it’s just a load of super-serious baloney.

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