Guy Lochhead, 14/12/10
Israeli garage rock band formed in 2005 in Tel Aviv to try to inject some energy into their local music scene. They released their first EP on Drag City in 2008. They’re known for their crazy live performances, particularly at SXSW, and relentless touring schedule. If this wasn’t from Israel, it wouldn’t be interesting; they’d just be another wacky retro band. I like that they tour so much and are hungry for it, but it would be cooler if they put that energy into something a bit more useful. Booooring.

2 Responses to Monotonix

  1. I SEEN ‘EM LIVE AND THE LEGENDS ARE TRUE. I think i even got sprayed with a bit o’ bum water. whoah wait- lemme explain- leadman took a water bottle (nozzle kind) and squirted some into his bum crack, then turned it (the bottle) like a pistol on the crowd. All this in the tinniest hot dog shop in calgary. BEST.

  2. and totally not boring ha!

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