Mikhail Bakunin
Guy Lochhead, 07/09/10
Russian anarchist revolutionary. Bakunin was born to a family of nobles, studied philosophy, moved to Europe after arguing with his family, and started speaking out against Russia’s oppression of Poland. He was exiled and imprisoned, but remained active in the radical movement of Europe right up until his death. He is remembered as an opponent of Marxism, and an advocate of collective anarchism in texts such as ‘God and The State’. I agree with Marx’s criticism of Bakunin as a “sentimental idealist”. He’s self-contradictory, and his views often changed after he committed them to paper. This is dangerous. The little writing he did leave was unfinished or incomplete, but he excused this by describing his own life as a “fragment”. He said every man was equal, but was as anti-Semite. He wanted to abolish theocracy, but loved Jesus.

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