Mikhaela Reid
Guy Lochhead, 30/12/10
Brooklyn-based political cartoonist, graphic designer, clothes designer and blogger whose work has appeared in various publications and on websites. She has two blogs – ‘Boiling Point’, for her political work, and ‘Polka Dot Overload’, for her clothes design. She has released one colllection of her poems, ‘Attack Of The 50ft. Mikhaela’, in 2007. Her work deals with progressive, left-wing, largely American political issues using bold statements and satires of journalistic forms. She took a break from cartooning and political blogging in March 2010 to have a baby, though she still updates Polka Dot Overload. I really don’t like Reid’s comics. They make booold, obvious political statements with the sort of *zing* attitude that I think undermines quite a lot of American alternative political commentary (the sort of approach that can – and has been – summed up as “right on!”). I don’t understand why such polarised, unanalytical comics would be run in alternative publications that will already have a commited left-wing readership. It just seems like leftie back-slapping. Her clothes are alright but that blog suffers from the sort of content art cutesiness I disliked with ‘Color Me Katie’ (I mean, “Polka Dot Overload”? Really??), so I shouldn’t treat this any different. Of course she lives in Brooklyn.

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