Michael Fagan
Guy Lochhead, 25/08/10
Irish unemployed, unstable father of four who broke into Buckingham palace twice. The first time, he scaled a drainpipe, ate cheese, drank wine, looked at the royal portraits and sat in the throne before becoming tired and leaving. The second time, in 1982, Fagan made it to the Queen’s bedroom, where he sat and spoke with her for ten minutes. He was eventually overpowered by the Queen’s page, Paul Whybrew. This is an interesting story that highlights the problems with police and armed forces, even concerning the Queen. On the second intrusion, she phoned twice for police, but none came. Alarms that did go off were assumed to be faulty, and security twice decided not to act. It’s also an amazing manifestation of ‘cup of tea and a sit-down’ thing, and probably one of the only times the Queen’s been surprised by someone real ha ha. Include the amazing photo of him raising his eyebrows, mid-speech.

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