Marcus Sarjeant
Guy Lochhead, 24/08/10
Sarjeant is famous for firing six blanks at Queen Elizabeth II at the 1981 Trooping The Colour ceremony, when he was 17. He was inspired by the assassination of John Lennon, attempts on the life of Reagan and the Pope, and his own sense of failure. He was sentenced to five years imprisonment under the Treason Act 1842. He was released after three, spent mostly in psychiatric hospitals, though he had no abnormalities as defined in the Mental Health Act. His name was changed and he began a new life. This is a tragic, bizarre story. Sarjeant was motivated only by his desire to be famous. He saw the attention that John Lennon’s assassin received, and wanted that for himself. The story becomes a commentary on fame and celebrity, and a teenager trying to not feel so insignificant. I would include him for that reason, if I didn’t feel it’d be perpetuating the very thing he was motivated by.

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