Guy Lochhead, 14/12/10
Hardcore Brooklyn rap duo of Billy Danze and Lil’ Fame that grew out of their gang, Mash Out People. Their music is characterised by the aggressive, shouting delivery of both MCs and, since the mid-’90s, DJ Premier beats. They released their first single, ‘Who Wants Some Hardcore?’ in 1993. They found mainstream success in 2000 with ‘Ante Up’. They’d fizzled out a bit by 2005, caught up in label politics and sample legislation. M.O.P. need to calm down! They shout everything, even over mellow beats. All their lyrics are about Brooklyn and how great they are, gang loyalty and what scary things they’re going to do to you. Apparently they formed the group to express themselves, but is that all they have to express? In real life, why would I want to listen to someone shout at me about Brooklyn? It doesn’t make a difference if it’s over a dated-sounding Premier beat (or their recent rap-metal project?!). The best thing that M.O.P. was involved in (without their knowledge) was that YouTube mash-up of Bert and Ernie and ‘Ante Up’…

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