Lou Barlow
Guy Lochhead, 11/02/12
Prolific American guitarist and songwriter, solo (often as Sebadoh) and as a member of Deep Wound, Dinosaur Jr and The Folk Implosion. Barlow’s style has varied from hardcore to grunge but he is probably best known as an exponent of lo-fi alternative folk/rock music. He often records to tape or makes his production sound that way, and often strips songs back to their barest instrumental bones and shortens them as much as possible. Barlow is an indie icon with some good songs and an interesting website but I don’t feel he needs to be included here. I feel like his prolificness gets in his way. He practices a sort “less is more” aesthetic in most things except, it seems, the sheer number of things he puts out… I also think – and this is not a positive or negative thing; just something I’m surprised is never mentioned about him – that he is a very American singer. More American than most country singers at least.

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