Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine
Guy Lochhead, 07/09/10
Reportedly a very rich gold mine hidden in the Superstition Mountains, Phoenix, Arizona. The current popular story behind the mine is a mix of fact and folklore, combining: lost Apache gold shown to a Dr. Thorne after he helped the Apache; the Lost Dutchman myth of a man called Jacob Waltz who found a rich gold mine and passed on its location to a woman named Julia Thomas; and soldiers who are said to have discovered a vain of almost pure gold in the area, before being killed or disappearing. The story gained notoriety when amateur explorer Adolph Ruth died looking for it. His skull was found with two bullet holes in it. This is a great myth (with 62 variations by 1977!), but it’s based around greed and borderline-racism that I don’t have much of an interest in including. There are other mythical lost things that I would love to include, but not this one.

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