Lloyd Cole And The Commotions
Guy Lochhead, 11/09/10
Glaswegian band who played jangly guitar pop from 1982 to 1989. Their music was characterised by its glossy production (especially on their first, most famous, album ‘Rattlesnakes’) and Lloyd Cole’s lyrics, informed by his studying of Philosophy and English. Despite having a reputation as an ‘indie’ band, they were actually signed to a major, Polydor. I actually really like this band, but I don’t want to include them. Cole’s ambitious lyric-writing is much more exciting than the majority of rock writers, but his pool of references is horrible obvious student fare that could be construed as perpetuating the established wonky literary hierarchy thing.. Plus, they were on a soul-sucking major label (which they caved to following their advice on second album producer choice) and Cole advertises golf products (interestingly, the Commotions’ bassist is also a golf fan and is currently The Guardian’s Golf Correspondent!). Still, I like them in the same way I like Jens Lekman. Guiltily..

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