Guy Lochhead, 02/01/11
American indie rock group who received a huge amount of attention with their first album, ‘They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top’, and followed it with a series of dramatically different releases, taking influence from ’80s New York post-punk/funk groups, minimal wave, gamelan, witchcraft, noise, krautrock, ’60s pop, improvisation and an increasing conceptual backing. They often collaborate with other visual artists on short online videos to accompany and promote their songs, lending them a huge amount of blog and word-of-mouth support. This used to be the ultimate “hey there’s this great band…” band. Art rock that’s managed to get even more pretentious as it goes on. The whole thing relies on art being this “other” thing – for outsiders and weirdos. I don’t think it should be. The scope of influences should be commended but it’s all so affected, flirting with all sorts but never managing to develop beyond their Williamsburg college garage rock origins. Pitchfork favourites, of course… Blech! I just don’t understand how some people like them so much! I can understand people thinking they were ok but they have some proper FANS! I don’t get it! Like Modest Mouse!? Why do people like them so much??? Isn’t it just rock music? IDGI.

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  1. frogspawn says:

    i saw them at butlins atp 2010, remember liking them and writing their name down like a fan when i got home and was locked out of my house, before i climbed the scaffold and squeezed in the window. however, i listened through youtube recently and was underwhelmed, there- some balanced reporting! x

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