Jules Verne
Guy Lochhead, 03/08/10
‘The father of sci-fi’. Verne wrote incredible stories about space, air and underwater adventure before navigable aircraft and submarines had been invented. His books are engaging, exciting adventures even now. Although he has the most widely translated author of all time, he often suffered poor translation, leading to an unfair reputation in English-speaking countries as being not fit for adult readers. He always kept up with scientific and technological process, and would litter his books with little scientific in-jokes. A great writer who put a lot of effort and thought into his writing. His books appeal to all ages, which I think is a fantastically difficult thing to achieve. Include ‘Paris Au XXe Siècle’ (Paris in the Twentieth Century), his posthumous bestseller, and one of the view books untarnished by his publisher Hetzel’s meddling (he refused to publish it, deeming it ‘unbelievable’.).

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