Holger Hiller
Guy Lochhead, 20/02/12
German musician, solo and as part of NDW group Palais Schaumburg (founded in 1980). He was one of the pioneers of sampling in art music. He was perhaps the first person to use video editing to manipulate sound, as seen in his 1988 Ohi Ho Bang Bang video piece, with Akiko Hada. He worked at Mute Records as a studio engineer for a while (during which time he stood up one of his biggest fans, Scottish indie king Momus). In 2001 he had a “personal and financial crisis” and moved away from music to work as a language teacher in Berlin. He has recently returned to music. As much as I am a big fan of Hiller, I think his innovation was in too specific areas to be included (some Bronx DJs were already sampling etc. etc.). Reading about him reminded me of Momus though… Good old Momus.

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