Gene Ray
Guy Lochhead, 05/09/10
American self-described scientist and creator of the Time Cube theory of everything. Ray has made three websites ‘Time Cube’, ‘Above God’ and ‘The Greatest Thinker’, which, until September 2009, he updated regularly with grandiose title banners, obscure statements, hate texts, photos of himself and diagrams. He has offered a $10,000 reward to any academic to disprove his theory (reduced to $1,000 for non-academics). The websites look amazing. Their layout of colourful dull fonts on a white background, proclaiming superiority in repetitive and sweeping statements of pseudo-science are unique and completely inimitable. There are always nutters, and I like the way the internet allows all people to share their ideas, and to receive criticism. I won’t include anything because the ‘theory’ is too self-concerned, racist, homophobic and STUPID, but it’s fun to read anyway.

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