Garry Scott Davis
Guy Lochhead, 11/09/10
G.S.D. was a pro skateboarder in the 80s who rode for Tracker Trucks. His pro model deck on Tracker was one of the first examples of a skateboarder/board company acknowledging that skating’s focus might shift from vert to street, and that that would require a shift in board deign. The first street contest was held in 1983. They introduced the first pro model street-shaped deck in 1985 (the ‘Banks/Curbs’ model). He also invented the boneless, or ‘Boneless One’, which was named after a puppet called Harry Hicklestone, published the first skate zine ‘Skate Fate’, wrote the ‘Steep Slopes’ hardcore skateboarding column for Thrasher Magazine, and edited Transworld. He’s now web editor for Sole Tech. Davis is an important figure in early skateboarding, but that doesn’t merit inclusion, really. I could include the Banks/Curbs or Eye See Pterodactyls decks for old skate nerds, but it wouldn’t appeal to many people at all, and I wouldn’t like to seem exclusive. Plus, there are other people who are more fundamental to the development of skateboarding – Alan Gelfand, Rodney Mullen, Mark Gonzalez etc. – that I could include instead, if I wanted to go in that direction at all.

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