Guy Lochhead, 13/07/10
15 year-old Owen Burnham and his family were walking on Bungalow Beach in The Gambia in 1983 when they discovered a washed up carcass of a mysterious, unidentifiable large animal. Burnham, a keen wildlife enthusiast, took measurements and make sketches of the body as he didn’t have a camera. He didn’t think to take a sample until he realised he couldn’t identify it in any books. Local villagers decapitated the carcass and the head was sold to a tourist. The rest of the animal was buried, and attempts to locate it have been unsuccessful. Three years later, Burnham mentioned the carcass in a newspaper article that caught the attention of prominent cryptozoologist Karl Shuker, which led to the public sharing of the finding. It’s veeeeery unlikely but if the animal exists/existed it is an exciting and important discovery; if not, it is a practical application of a child’s imagination, to be valued and included. Include Burnham’s drawings of the Gambo in some way, and possibly make reference to them with toys etc.

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