E.D. Morel
Guy Lochhead, 06/07/10
English journalist, author and socialist politician. He was a significant figure in the abolition of slavery in the Congo Free State, and a prominent pacifist in the First World War. He co-formed the Union of Democratic Control, and was subject to media hounding and physical assaults. He was imprisoned for six months in Pentonville in 1917, on a technicality in the Defence of the Realm Act. His health worsened significantly during his stay inside, and he died of a heart attack a few years after his release. Morel is an inspiring figure, but I don’t really know how to include him. His books are, unavoidably, not likely to be as interesting to modern readers as some other book dealing with similar issues from a up-to-date perspective. I will omit him, but only really out of confusion.

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