Dot Allison
Guy Lochhead, 29/12/10
Scottish singer/songwriter Dot Allison started as the frontwomen for early-’90s club/pop group One Dove, with whom she released one album – 1993’s Morning Dove White. After that group disbanded in the mid-’90s, Allison disappeared from pop music until 1999, when a string of singles, concert appearances, and collaborations with artists like Arab Strap and Death in Vegas heralded her debut full-length, Afterglow, which added a ’90s bigbeat element to the club side of her previous sound and more dreaminess to its pop. A second album, ‘We Are Science’, followed in 2002, with a superstar production team and an even dreamier sound. She took a few years out of the studio, touring with Massive Attack and working on more collaborations, before returning with the folkier ‘Exaltation Of Larks’, in 2006. She released a third album in 2009, ‘Room 7½’. Allison’s early sound has dated really quickly, along with all those other 90s “trip hop” groups except Massive Attack, who seem to have a weird longevity… She struggled with her 2006 album – taking almost a year to find a label willing to put it out – and I think that’s because her voice is well suited to a dreaminess that’s recently been out of fashion.. I used to really like a song of hers, ‘Wishing Stone’, which is probably why she ended up on this list – a relic from when I was 13/14 – I don’t see any reason for her inclusion.

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