Donald Baxter MacMillan
Guy Lochhead, 06/07/10
American explorer, sailor and teacher. Macmillan saved nine people from shipwrecks in two days, pioneered the use of electricity and radio in the Arctic, produced a dictionary of the Inuktitut language, took hundreds of photos of the Arctic and its people, and organized the doomed Crocker Land Expedition. He was ‘the most interesting of all speakers on Arctic or Antarctic subjects’, and was absolutely committed to his teaching (even going so far as to miss being a part of the first every voyage to the North Pole to keep a teaching commitments). He established the MacMillan-Moravian School in 1929, and also ran a summer camp teaching navigation and seafaring skills. He was one of the few explorers to allow women on his expeditions, and would go exploring with his wife, Miriam Norton Look, after they married in 1935. He made his final trip to the Arctic in 1957, aged 82. An inspirational, incredibly active man. I will include MacMillan’s children’s book ‘Kah’-Da: Life Of A North Greenland Boy’.

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