Divine Styler
Guy Lochhead, 14/12/10
Cult rapper from Brooklyn whose first two records, ‘Word Power’ (1989) and ‘Spiral Walls Containing Autumns Of Light’ (1992) were some of the first examples of a possible alternative hip hop movement, rapping about Islam (he was a convert), afrocentricity and staying “conscious”. After a break, he collaborated with other producers and old friends to make ‘Word Power, Vol. 2: Directrix’ (1999) before falling off the rap map. Divine Styler takes the hip hop longview, which I really respect. Unfortunately it’s all grounded in religious nonsense. The albums remain very, very interesting, intelligently-skewed monuments to self-motivated curiosity and questioning, but he found his answer in hokey religion rather than anything real. Disappointing.

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