Craig Leon
Guy Lochhead, 29/10/11
Versatile and influential producer who moved to New York at the birth of punk and ended up responsible for The Ramones and Suicide debut albums, as well as records by Blondie, Richard Hell and Talking Heads. In 1981 he released an album of his own compositions, ‘Nommos’, to soundtrack a dance piece by Twyla Tharp. Since then he has produced many albums and released two more of his own. He has most recently been writing and producing classical music, including a lot of soundtrack work. I’m really not a huge fan of a lot of Leon’s work (classical-crossover and New Age music tends to leave me cold and angry) but Nommos is a unique and exciting mess of contemporary influences – NYC minimalism, synthesiser punk, industrial, Americanised world music (no-wave) and prog dinosaur extravagance. I always like that sort of naive globalised super-music for its ambition, and this is no exception. I’d like to include the record. I like Leon’s versatility and open-mindedness too, even though I do find a lot of his stuff to be pretty wack..

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