Children’s Express
Guy Lochhead, 13/06/10
The Children’s Express was a news agency reported and edited by children and teenagers between the ages of 8 and 18. The organisation started publishing fluffy stories in its own magazine, but its focus changed in 1976 when a CE reporter scooped the news of Jimmy Carter’s running mate. The organisation expanded to have international bureaus and TV series. CE collapsed shortly after their founder Robert Clampitt’s sudden death in 1996, though bureaus it founded are still in operation. This was a brilliant organisation of young people that scooped stories enough to compete with other all-adult news teams. Its reporters were competent journalists as well as physical representations of issues in American politics that would otherwise have been relegated to ineffectual, far-off policies. They consistently highlighted the realities of decisions made by the government simply by being there, abused but intelligent. Include ‘Listen To Us: The Children’s Express Report’.

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