Chester P
Guy Lochhead, 05/11/11
English rapper, writer and producer. Joey Coombes performs with his brother Farma G as Taskforce and solo as Chester P. His first release, ‘New Mic Order’, came out in 1999 and he’s been sporadically putting things out and touring ever since. He lives in Canonbury, North London with his mum and brother. Chester P makes the best U.K. hip hop I’ve ever heard. Hearing a couple of his freestyles for the first time was an absolute revelation. I haven’t felt this excited about something I’d never heard of before in absolutely ages. His lyrics are wider in scope than most U.K. hip hop – always relevant, articulate, concise and accessible without afraid of getting abstract or poetical. There is no posturing, just truth; and no lazy “truth” like the conspiracy theories Skinnyman (another terrific U.K. rapper, and friend of Chester P) can occasionally lapse into, or the Islamic messages of recent Scorzayzee. I mean, he said in an interview that he writes kids’ books. In fact, the only posturing he’s ever done was pretending to run for Mayor of London, which is a pretty awesome thing to do anyway; better than pretending to be a shooter. On that, his reply to Wordsmith’s diss track is the greatest beef rap I’ve ever heard, defeating hollow gangsterism with real, humble intelligence and TRUTH. Also look up ‘Deep Barz’, which features more ideas and clarity in a minute than most MCs do a career. I’ll include ‘New Mic Order’ (though it’s unfortunately now hugely expensive) and ‘New Mic Order Part Two’. So, so sick.

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