Carlos Giffoni
Guy Lochhead, 18/02/12
[Taken from Discogs] Carlos Giffoni is a Venezuelan artist who resides in the New York City area, working with modular synthesizers and other electronic equipment to create massive electronic pieces as well as improvise with well known musicians from all over the world like Jim O’Rourke, Merzbow, Karkowski, Astro and many others. Carlos is also the organizer of the No Fun Fest, a three-day event in Brooklyn showcasing respected sound artists from all over the world, and owner of the No Fun Productions record label. He has also performed subverted acid house live as No Fun Acid. The No Fun Fest is good fun. Giffoni’s own music is good too – dense, warm, harmonic, interesting and immersive; and occasionally pretty danceable (he’s a big acid house fan) – but I don’t think it’s worth including because it’s just more noise. Still, I have a lot of time for Giffoni’s projects.

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