Guy Lochhead, 05/11/11
Warped Swedish noise rock. Raw, heavy, phased guitars with sludgy drums and occasional effected trumpet fanfares. The most terrifying, drugged, insistent, obsessive vocals about sex and violence (usually together). I love this band but they’re awful. I can’t justify why I like listening to them so much. They have lyrics about raping and murdering men, women and children. There’s no reason or excuse for that. But the music is so gnar. Absolute immersive headfuck repetitive two-chord noise brutality, with lots of false endings that toy with your wish for silence. The lyrics can be mindless (‘Sadist Action’, ‘Anne Frank’) and brilliant (‘After Acid’, ‘Kill Them All’… ‘Anne Frank’ again) and there’s always something that sets them apart in their twisted realism from someone like G.G. Allin and his devotees. The fact that their Swedish also helps. I suppose I love it for how far it goes, and because it so wilfully completely ignores all imposed moral standards and media expectations.. All this just by taking rock ‘n’ roll to its logical conclusion. I suppose this is what rock music sounded like to old people back in the ’50s. “Genius and Brutality”. Of course it’s not included.

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