Boris Ivkovic
Guy Lochhead, 21/05/10
Croatian amateur filmmaker better known by his stage name ‘Bore Lee’. Ivkovic is a shipbuilder who studied martial arts from an early age. In 1994 he began displaying his skills on short low budget martial arts films recorded on a VHS camera. He picked up some underground notoriety, but his big break came in 2004 with ‘U kandžama velegrada’. The film was shot in two weeks for under $100, and became one of the best- sold Croatian films in Croatia. Although I think there’s something brilliant about this story, the films aren’t inspiring or anything like that. I also dislike the ironic detachment with which these films are made and appreciated. Also, I don’t really know what Ickovic is like because it’s very hard to find English language information about him. This isn’t that much of a problem though, because I can’t imagine finding out anything that would make me really want to include him, given the films.

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