Guy Lochhead, 14/12/10
Austrian musical duo that perform a hybrid of rap, punk and folk accordion music in the Upper Austrian dialect. They alter traditional polkas and drinking songs to comedic and satirical effect, releasing their first album, ‘Auf da Oim gengan die Kia’, in 1990. On 1997’s ‘Song’, they experimented with longer, less punky songs that used samples and lyrical repetitiveness, but returned to their original style on ‘Sun’ (2002) and ‘Dog’ (2005). It’s interesting music, in that it’s not been done before, but it’s also quite boring and limited in its appeal to people who understand the Upper Austrian reference points. Personally, I don’t get it (and I don’t just mean the lyrics – it’s possible to just enjoy the general sound of it, as John Peel did, but I find that unrewarding), and that seems to be the concensus of a lot of reviewers not from Austria/Germany. I suppose that only adds to the enjoyment for the fans though – it’s not meant for everyone. Some of the wordplay sounds like it would be pretty funny if I got it… Still, the narrow appeal and the fact it’s all a bit meaningless put me off including it.

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